About Us

Sri Venkata Srinivasa Nursery production fields are spread in five locations in Kadiyam mandal .Sri Venkata Srinivasa Nursery is constantly developing innovative growing techniques to enable the continuing expansion of its range.

Our Production Range
Sri Venkata Srinivasa Nursery production includes Shrubs, Avenue trees, Plumeria Specimens, fruits plants, Creepers, Climbers, Water plants,Helicornia varieties,Cacti varieties ground covers, Indoor plants,Outdoor Plants, Bougainvillea varieties, Royal Palm, Date Palms specimens, Korean and Mexican lawns and Bamboo varieties and much more.

Our Services
Our professional team are ready to promptly answer your enquiries at any time, with a very competitive quotation. We are highly organised and can send you details of any plants you wish .
We are proud to welcome you to our nursery locations, to show you our production and allow you to evaluate our quality and price personally.Visiting our nursery will also allow you to select plants in person.
Our friendly staff are happy to help you organise your visit to Sri Venkata Srinivasa Nursery. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will guide and assist you during your visit, showing you our latest range of plants and helping you have a successful and memorable trip.